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FTTH Optical Distribution Box

    1.Mode:Indoor Wall Mounted
    2.Material:PC, ABS
    3.Connector:SC, LC
    4.Port:2 in, 4 out

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FTTH Optical Distribution box


with 4port SC LC Fiber Optic Connectors




Fiber Optic Splitter Distribution Box is made of high impact plastic. It has industry standard user interface.




This box could be used for wall-mounted applications;

Suit for Outdoor & Indoor.

Waterproof, Anti-UV, Ultra violet resistant and rainfall resistant.

Light weight, small cubage, small installation size, reliable sealing.

Could be connected FTTH Drop cables inside.

The base and cover of the box adopts “self-clip” &”screw-clip” two times lock method, which is better to use in outdoor for high sealing and waterproof.




Widely used in FTTH access network

Telecommunication networks

Data communications networks

Local area networks

CATV networks


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